API Errors

Conventional HTTP response codes are used to indicate the success or failure of any request. A 2xx response code is considered a success, a 4xx is considered a client error, and 5xx is considered a server error on our end.

400 Bad Request

This is usually caused by a request not conforming to what the API has specified. You should verify that your request conforms to what the API is expecting.

401 Unauthorized

There are three common scenarios in which this can occur.

It is usually because the subscription key is not included in the request, or you are missing an access token from the DIPS Federation Service. The last occurance is if you use a subscription that does not have access to the API.

403 Forbidden

Can occur if you do not have permissions to access an API or to a restricted resource.

404 Not Found

This will usually mean one of two things.

The resource you were looking for does not exist. The API you are trying to call should document whether or not 404 Not Found is an expected response.

You may have sent a request to an endpoint which does not exist. Verify your request. Feel free to contact us if the problem persists.

429 Too Many Requests

Occurs when you exceed the rate limit of your subscription.

500 Internal Server Error

A server error may indicate that the Open DIPS service is unavailable. Please contact us so that we can resolve the issue.

Errors from Microsoft Azure

You may sometimes receive errors from our API management gateway and not from an API. These errors may have different form from the errors which are documented by the individual API's.

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