Our beliefs

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Collaborate for better results
  • Enable everyones contribution
  • Dare to be vulnerable
  • Take chances
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The team

Open DIPS enables developers to achieve more and innovate faster. We are responsible for our developer sandbox, enabling developers to create great systems and securely share data with DIPS. We help teams share their APIs, services and libraries with internal and external developers.

As of October 2023 our team is made up of an amazing product manager, a wonderful engineering manager, together with three great software engineers and a fantastic designer. By sharing our knowledge and compiling our resources, we can efficiently work together and achieve better results.

Contact us
Portrait of Bjørn
  • Bjørn Fjukstad
  • Product Manager /
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • bfj@dips.no
Portrait of Hanne
  • Hanne Gunby
  • Engineering Manager /
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • hagu@dips.no
Portrait of Sverre
  • Sverre Coucheron
  • Partner Engineer /
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • sco@dips.no
Portrait of Lillian
Portrait of William
Portrait of Joachim

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